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2019 Retirement Plan Limits

The Internal Revenue Service has announced its inflation-adjusted retirement plan contribution limits for 2019.

Deferral Limits20192018
Elective Deferral Limit for 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) Plans$19,000$18,500
Catch-up Contribution Limit IRC 414(v)$6,000$6,000
Benefits and Compensation  
Annual Additions Limit for Defined Contribution Plans$56,000$55,000
Annual Compensation Limit$280,000$275,000
Highly Compensated Employee Limit$125,000$120,000
Key Employee Determination Limit$180,000$175,000
Limit on Annual Benefits for Defined Benefit Plans$225,000$220,000
SIMPLE Retirement Plan Contribution Limit$13,000$12,500
SIMPLE Retirement Plan Catch-Up$3,000$3,000
Social Security/Medicare  
Social Security Wage Base (Old Age, Survivors)$132,900$128,400
Individual Benefit Limits   
IRA & Roth IRA$6,000$5,500
IRA & Roth IRA Catch$1,000$1,000

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